Plan for the Unexpected Now

I can't tell you the heartbreaking situations that I have witnessed due to the lack of or inadequate planning for emergencies.  While death or incapacity may not be avoidable, the tragedies arising from a lack of planning or inadequate planning are completely avoidable.

I believe at a minimum everyone in this day and age should have a designation of health care surrogate so that someone you trust who knows your wishes can make medical decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself. If you have children, I believe it is essential to have plans for their guardianship in the event anything were to render you incapable of providing their care.  Similarly, someone should be designated to take care of your financial responsibilities when you are unable to do so yourself. And of course, a simple will can go a long way to save your loved ones a great deal of stress, hurt, and money if you should pass away.

If you live in Hawaii, Florida, or Maryland, I may be able to assist you with basic estate planning tools. If you are an offender or anticipate being incarcerated soon, check out my blog on tips to help you and your family prepare for incarceration.