Why Should You Also Hire The Law Office of Jennifer M. Merkle if You Are an Attorney or Already Hired an Attorney?

Legal problems can be extremely stressful and if it involves a bureaucratic government agency, like the BOP, it can compound the stress. Through limited representation or consultation arrangements, I may be able to offer guidance to help alleviate some of that stress.  For attorneys, delving into unchartered territories can be time-consuming and costly.  Use my expertise to expedite your familiarization with BOP and enhance your representation of the client, all while saving you time and in turn saving your client money.

I offer limited consultations which can be structured to meet your needs.  For example, I offer claim analysis if you are considering taking on a client but aren't familiar with the BOP's administrative processes or whether your client has met them or can state a viable claim.  I also offer discovery consultations in relation to inmate civil rights, Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), habeas claims, employee discrimination, or other employment law matters.  The scope of the consultation can range from a very limited review of drafted discovery requests to actually drafting discovery requests and/or assisting in interpreting the records received in response to discovery requests.  I can tailor a consultation or limited representation agreement to meet your specific needs, providing just what you need, nothing more and nothing less.

Skilled Legal Advice 

Experience is part of developing a successful law practice, and Jennifer M. Merkle has the experience with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to give you the skilled legal advice and representation you are looking for when you need an attorney.

I thoroughly understand the Federal Bureau of Prisons, its policies, and practices, as well as the laws most involved when dealing with this agency, including federal civil rights, the Federal Tort Claims Act, 2241 habeas actions, and employment laws. With exceptional legal skills, practical solutions, and professional integrity, Jennifer M. Merkle works hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Federal Prison Consulting
  • General Practice

The Law Office of Jennifer M. Merkle prides itself on developing real connections with clients. I realize that you may be feeling desperate, so I only want to provide you legal services if those services are likely to enhance your current representation. I work hard to help my clients in every situation. I treat clients with respect and spend time making sure that they fully understand the process they are going through.

When you need counsel on a major, life-impacting situation like federal incarceration, you deserve an attorney who will listen to you, thoroughly examine the facts, and provide the best possible solution for you and your future.

Contact The Law Office of Jennifer M. Merkle for a Consultation

I have advocated for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for nearly 25 years. Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you. There's no need to handle these difficult matters of law all alone. Get the consultation, or if appropriate legal advice, counsel, and representation you need. Contact me for a consultation. I can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests.