Most legal issues can have lasting consequences for you.  It is vitally important to hire someone that can effectively represent you. If your situation is very specific, you should strongly consider hiring an attorney that specializes in that area of the law.  The more significant the consequences or risks of the situation, the more important it is that you have specialized counsel.

However, there are times when you may not require the assistance of a specialist.  In those situations, you feel that you are able to address your legal concerns through self-help programs like that found here: Hawaii Self-Help Interactive Forms | Please be aware these tools are not designed to handle unique circumstances and are only as good as the information you input into them.  They can't provide you with legal advice or guidance.

Obtaining legal assistance can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. I may be able to provide the legal services you require. If you are making a basic real estate purchase and want an attorney to review your purchase contract, you are entering into some other contract and want an attorney to review the contract to ensure your rights are being protected, you have a dispute with your homeowner's association or others, or have been served with a restraining order, I may be able to assist you.

My general practice extends only to those potential clients in Hawai'i, Florida, and Maryland.