Put my Experience with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to Work for You

The Law Office of Jennifer M. Merkle is dedicated to being a resource for attorneys needing insight into the practices and procedures of the Federal Bureau of Prisons: to better understand the factors in the criminal process which can affect and impact a client's incarceration; to assist in gauging the plausibility of successful civil action and any administrative procedures that need to be followed; to aid in the identification of documents or other records which should be sought, through discovery or the individuals from whom discovery should be sought as well as records' reviews to help counsel understand the information received through discovery. My mission is to provide professional and sound consultations that assist attorneys thereby enhancing the representation of their clients in criminal or civil matters.

I have handled federal civil rights actions, tort claims, class action claims, equal employment opportunity matters, labor-management disputes, and administrative processes.  Let me put nearly 25 years of experience working inside the BOP to work for you. Ask your attorney to contact me for consultation if my experience can meaningfully assist you.