Since I opened my private practice in 2021, I have had the great pleasure of assisting others just like you in navigating legal challenges.  I have tackled issues of family violence, guardianship, estate planning (will, trust, and Medicaid planning), homeowners' association's neglect of property, sought compliant Qualified Domestic Relations orders needed to receive pension payout, unpaid speeding tickets and license suspension, and advocated for a client facing debarment from Federal government procurement among others.  What all of these opportunities have provided me is great insight into the many ways a competent attorney can be of assistance in helping neighbors address the many life challenges which have legal implications.  I have found I have a passion for helping others through these challenges.  

As a zealous advocate for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for nearly 25 years, I developed skills and knowledge from my role as a litigator and legal advisor on federal inmate and employee related civil rights, tort claims, criminal law, and employment law matters which I can use to assist you in representing your clients. I am known for my avid advocacy for my clients as Agency counsel and as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida for nearly five years, and then as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii for nearly seven years. I am well-versed in federal civil rights and tort law having defended numerous Bivens-style civil rights actions, Federal Tort Claims Act claims, habeas petitions, writs of mandamus, and more. In the employment law context, I have represented the Agency in numerous administrative proceedings before various administrative bodies including the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Federal Labor Relations Authority, as well as arbitrators. My experience also includes work on inmate and employee class action lawsuits.

Let me put my experience and passion to work for you.